Mining the subconscious.

Let's start with some pretentious language to describe what I do...

I believe in a collective unconscious, an ancient language of archetypes that show up in all forms of art and expression.  Most of my work is a conversation between my conscious and subconscious, a discussion with the goal of learning what my individual place is in our world, time, and reality.

More simply put...I draw whatever comes to mind with a ball point pen or a pencil.  These are the tools I used in grade school to doodle in the margins of my notebooks, and I feel more comfortable using them as a means of artistic expression than anything else.  I don't draw with a purpose in mind, a statement to make, or a specific social issue to explore.  Instead, I let an idea come to me, I draw it, and then I look back at that drawing and see what I can learn about myself.  That's where some of the most fun and interesting artistic work happens...after the drawing is done.  Why do I draw little folks riding on balloons, seemingly dressed in Victorian garb?  Why do I love drawing planets, floating orbs, round things that float in the sky?  What messages are hidden in the mysterious language I scribble in some of my drawings?  Because I'm confident these images are coming from the collective unconscious, I feel good sharing these drawings and learning what they mean to others.

After growing up in Florida and then living in Chicago for over 20 years, I've recently moved to Grinnell, Iowa.  I'm sure the change in scenery and the drastic reduction in population around me will have some sort of influence on my work.  In the meantime, I'll continue to work with pen and pencil, learn oils and acrylics, and even dive into the world of crafts with the making of earrings.  Most importantly, I'll make sure I'm enjoying myself along the way.

David Sarallo is a pseudonym and an anagram.  Why?  Because it's fun.